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520 Charles Street Billings Billings, Montana MT 59101 United StatesUnited States Flag

At APEX Manufacturing, we approach every project with an eye for efficiency, execution, and innovation. We are dedicated to offering the latest manufacturing technology in our 22,000 square-foot shop to deliver exceptional service and products for our customers.

Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
Supported Brands: Apex
Business Activities & Products: CNC Machining, Welding, Simple & Complex Part Manufacturing, Specialty Parts & Components, Manganese Phosphate Blackening, Project Management, Communication
Target Industries: Automotive, Chemical, Government
We are offering: New Product Lines, Manufacturing Capacity, Subcontracting Capacity, Machining Services, Finishing Services
We are searching for: Manufacturer's Reps, Sales Agents/Sales Reps, Commission Only Sales Agents
Commission: Negotiable

Intrade Ltd. - We are dedicated to the international trade business consultancy

Campinas Campinas, São Paulo BrazilBrazil Flag

Intrade Ltd operates in Brazil since 1994 based in Sao Paulo, we are dedicated to the international trade business consultancy,

Business Type: Export Management, Business Services Provider, Sales Agents or Sales Rep
Business Activities & Products: Business Services, Sales Agents Brazil
Target Industries: Food and Beverages
We are offering: Business Services, Sales Representation, Export Management, Import/Export Capability
We are searching for: Import/Export Agents, New Product Lines

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